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Control your world with Latec Machine Control Systems

Take control of your equipment with laser machine control solutions. Achieve the accuracy and precision you require whenever and wherever you use your excavators and heavy equipment.

From laser-guided land levelling and slope grading to precise digging of drainage ditches, Latec Machine Control systems ensure consistent high-quality results every time.

  • Save time and labour costs with state of the art grading solutions that work on almost any machine in even the toughest conditions.

All Latec Machine Control solutions are designed, manufactured and tested in Canada, and relied on by thousands of satisfied customers across the US, North America, and across the world.

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Discover our cutting-edge machine control systems for heavy machinery across a wide range of industries. Bring exceptional accuracy and consistency to all your land levelling and grading projects.

Latec Machine Control has been designing and manufacturing specialty laser and machine control solutions since 1994.  Our brand family includes:

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Futtura Tools and Technology

Our globally-recognized high-quality brand of laser and 2D machine control systems. Discover our comprehensive range of  2D Technology Solutions for contractors of all sizes.

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EconoGrade Automatic Grade Control Systems

Enjoy high-end Machine Control with cutting-edge features at low-end cost! The Econograde Laser Grade Control System provides accurate grading results in less time with less labour.

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Level-Ice Ice Rink Resurfacing Control System

Give your ice surface a perfectly level, consistent surface after every flood. With precision blade control, our easy to install laser levelling system ensures a superior ice surface in less time.

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